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To sell on WOSAGO is easy, but how do you ensure that your products & services really sell?

Bring your products & services to life with great quality pictures to entice the buyer to get a 'feel' of the product & services. When staging your photo-shoot, try to use a polished background, clean lighting and creative angles.

Once you have captured the buyer's attention and he/she peeks at your listing, you're now halfway through to closing the deal. Just make sure you include everything the customer may need to know about your product & services. Give the buyer descriptive details of your product (e.g. color, size, material, measurements) & service (e.g. includes, package, duration & etc) as if he/she is going to buy it from a real store. Be detailed, be honest!

"How much does this cost?" This is generally the first question that pops into the mind of a buyer. No surprises there though, we are always on the hunt for the best prices. Do some research on market prices from other sellers and aim to offer a better deal. The buyer will continuously search until they find the best offer.

Be thoughtful, friendly and responsive to your customers. Give them incentives to return to your shop. Repeat business plays an important role in keeping your shop successful. Include small personal gestures that will give your buyer a different online shopping experience. Some tips are offering same-day or free delivery, discount for self-collections, little thank-you notes or any other perks you can provide.

Who doesn't love a sale? Running promotions will keep your buyers happy and give them something to look forward to. Run small experiments with different promotional mechanics to see what works best for you. Just make sure you don't overdo it - after all, you want your customers to be excited about your products & services, not your sales.

Share your listings using WOSAGO’s social media sharing function! With a simple tap, get more views and likes to drive traffic to your shop.

You've always been told to "keep supporting documents". The same applies here. Update your customers by providing shipment proof to let them know the products are on the way. This will show that you have completed your part of the transaction. This will also protect you when the customer forgets to confirm the receipt of the purchase or if the shipment is lost.

If someone has purchased something from your shop, you can assume they will be interested in similar products & services in the future. Get your customers to check back regularly when you add new listings or take new product & services shots to improve the visuals. With all these tips, your shop is ready to make its debut on WOSAGO online marketplace!